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Election 2018 is now History and my thoughts below:

Besides the voting process debacle it is obvious that this election exposed some areas worthy of consideration.  Without question the city should return to the voting method (paper and on-line) that was used in the 2014 election which most were happy with including our older adult population and also there has to be a better method of identifying voters than using MPAC lists.  The first past the post method should be replaced by ranked balloting, especially when there are a number of candidates. 

 Many citizens do not recognize that so called legacy projects like the KED and Arts Junction will not bring prosperity to the city and will only increase taxes and add to debt.   With ever increasing costs of borrowing it is quite possible interest costs may exceed capital expenditures.  A Casino will only take money out of the community and contribute to individual and family financial, health and social issues.  Many citizens do not like to hear what they consider as negativity expressed against the “want” projects where there are more pressing “needs” that should be considered first. There are those including myself who are like canaries in a coal mine warning of danger but are dismissed as just being against progress and like prophets are not acknowledged in our own land.  Our concerns will be realized as being valid but perhaps too late.  Already we have residents particularly older citizens leaving the community for lower cost living and more amenities elsewhere plus in many cases to be closer to other family members. 

Our death rate exceeds births and new residents to the community from outside do not replace those leaving.  These are real concerns not being addressed.  We should be looking at sustainability and how to maintain and improve what we have to make our city more attractive and liveable.  We need to spend our resources to achieve the best value and benefit to the greatest number and not just special interest groups.  Many of the candidates for Mayor had good ideas and could together have made a good Council.  I am not optimistic about the next four years and what I fear could be a repeat of the past four which would be most unfortunate.  Regardless, congratulations to those who offered themselves as candidates and to the winners – good luck - I think it will be needed.

Below is my election platform video - for the record:   Thanks to those who supported me.   John  



see LPAP submission here and response here - Hearing Nov. 6th


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